Administrative Staff

Chairman’s Office

Name Title Telephone Number
Patricia Birkmeyer Director of Management Operations IV 713-500-7256
Encar Primacio Assistant Director of Management Operations 713-500-7279
Vickie Bigham Senior Administrative Manager 713-500-7333
Mike Castellanos Accountant III 713-500-7286
Kim Curtis General Surgery Residency Program Manager 713-500-7216
Amy Jones Senior Executive Assistant (Chairman & DMO Support) 713-500-7205
Michael Padilla Manager Revenue Cycle 713-500-7287
Terri Ramirez Grants & Contracts Specialist 713-500-7242
Sophia Solis Web Developer IV & SurgeON e-Newsletter Content Coordinator 713-500-7251
Clinton “Buzz” Taffe Senior Contracts & Grants Specialist 713-500-7269
Denee Velazquez-Murillo Senior Administrative Manager 713-500-7242
Becky Woods Budget Manager 713-500-7212

Acute Care Surgery

Name Title Telephone Number
Serena Cooper Senior Administrative Manager (CeTIR) 713-500-5493
Gina Chavarria Senior Administrative Assistant 713-500-7333
Nicole Kohn Senior Administrative Coordinator 713-500-7200
Cassandra McGraw Executive Assistant 713-500-7244
Genetria Olivier Senior Administrative Assistant (CeTIR) 713-500-6818
Channing Winters Program Manager 713-500-6362

Elective General Surgery

Name Title Telephone Number
Diana Burnash Senior Administrative Assistant 713-500-7246
Lori Banks Senior Administrative Assistant 713-500-7250
Dawn Corley Executive Assistant (Interventional Gastroenterology) 713-500-7277
Terri Lynn Lynchard Senior Residency / Fellowship Program Coordinator (CRC) 713-486-4613
Tayna Vazquez Program Manager / MIST Fellowship & Vice Chair Support 713-500-7277

General Surgery / LBJ

Name Title Telephone Number
Carla Square Senior Administrative Coordinator 713-566-5765
Yvonne Cardenas Executive Assistant 713-566-5767
Marshelle Jones Senior Administrative Assistant 713-566-4610

Immunology & Organ Transplant

Name Title Telephone Number
Nina Campbell Executive Assistant 713-500-7401

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Name Title Telephone Number
Nastasia Madden Senior Administrative Manager 713-500-7184
Bianca Alvarez Residency Coordinator 713-500-7185
Nicole Coleman Executive Assistant 713-486-6095
Erica May Administrative Assistant 713-500-71815


Name Title Telephone Number
Ellica Chelette Divisional Manager 713-500-7321
Lisa Angrisani Executive Assistant 713-500-7321
Ann Marie Thompson Urology Residency/Fellowship Program Manager 713-500-7337