Grand Rounds

Time: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM | Location: Medical School Building | Learning Format: In-Person
For more information contact JoAnn Laurent.

Date: September 28, 2023
Speaker: Drs. Cal Matsumoto, Sukanya Subramanian and Azaan Ramani
Presentation Title: TBD

Date: September 21, 2023
Speaker: Drs. Brijesh Gill and Matthew Wettergreen, PhD
Presentation Title: The Scalpel and the Circuit: Exploring Collaborative Bio‐Innovation with Rice University

Date: September 14, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Hassan Ibrahim
Presentation Title: Blueprint for Expanding Live Kidney Donation

Date: September 7, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Andrew P. Cap
Presentation Title: The Five Ages of Hemorrhagic Shock Resuscitation

Date: August 31, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Levi
Presentation Title: Preparing for Combat: Tools to Enhance Patient Triage and Provider Mental Fitness

Date: August 24, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Dent
Presentation Title: Competency Based Education in General Surgery Residency

Date: August 17, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Mollie Rebecca Gordon
Presentation Title: PATH Collaborative Human Trafficking: 101: A Healthcare Primer

Date: August 10, 2023
Speaker: Dr. John Harvin
Presentation Title: Opioid Prescribing During Acute Hospitalization in 2023