Past Residents

George N. Washington, MD
George N. Washington, MD

“If I had to do the MATCH process all over again, UTHealth Houston would continue be my top choice for plastic & reconstructive surgery training. This program provides a unique opportunity to train at one of, if not, the busiest level 1 trauma center in the nation. The Attendings truly value resident education and make resident training their top priority; importantly, they genuinely care about resident well-being and stress the importance of work-life balance. The camaraderie is heart-warming and unmatched. Trainees complete this program with the knowledge and surgical skills necessary to confidently practice independently.”

Paul Deramo, MD

“UTHealth Houston was my #1 choice for residency because of its record for producing the best trained technical surgeons. The busiest Level 1 trauma center in the country provided an unmatched volume and complexity of cases. Rotations at MD Anderson and with private practice microsurgeons in Houston equipped me for a breadth of microsurgery. I spent several months with renowned cosmetic plastic surgeons to hone aesthetic surgical skills. The faculty expected a high level of autonomy which confidently prepared me for independent practice. Ultimately, the well-rounded clinical exposure (one of the strongest operative experiences of any residency), unlimited research opportunities at the Texas Medical Center, and supportive trainees/faculty make this a truly unique training program and I am honored to have trained here.”

Paul Deramo, MD


2009 Jason Hall, MD
Craniofacial Fellowship (Stanford)
Private Practice (Knoxville Tennesee)
Scott Newbrough, MD
Private Practice (Tulsa, OK)
2010 Kamaljot Singh, MD
Private Practice (Buffalo, NY)
Kevin Cho, MD
Private Practice (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 Eric Payne, MD
Craniofacial Fellowship (Dallas)
Private Practice (Houston, TX)
Oscar Ochoa, MD
Private Practice (San Antonio, TX)
2012 Carlos Murillo, MD
Private Practice (Houston, TX)
Badar Jan, MD
Private Practice (Allentown, PA)
2014 Erika Sato, MD
Private Practice (Houston, TX)
Jules Walters, MD
Private Practice (New Orleans, LA)
2015 Shitel Patel, MD
Craniofacial Fellowship (UT-Southwestern)
Private Practice (Houston, TX)
Bennett Fontenot, MD
Private Practice (Lafayette, LA)
2016 Jacqueline Wegge, MD
Craniofacial Fellowship (UT-Southwestern)
Private Practice (Houston, TX)
Paul Critelli, MD
Private Practice (Tyler, TX)
2017 Katherine Fu, MD
Hand Fellowship (Christine M. Kleinert Institute)
Private Practice (Palm Springs, CA)
Pey-Yi Kevin Lin, MD
Private Practice (Chicago, IL)
2018 Michael Rossi, MD
Private Practice (San Diego, CA)
Courtney El-Zokm, MD
Private Practice (Houston, TX)
2019 Hossein Masoomi, MD
Microsurgery Fellowship (MD Anderson)
Justin Booth, MD
Private Practice (Austin, TX)
2020 Eric J. Maiorino, MD
Private Practice (Washington, DC)
Alyson A. Melin, DO
Private Practice (Allentown, PA)
2021 Christopher Goodenough, MD
Buncke Fellowship (San Francisco),
Academic Practice (Salt Lake City, UT)
Paul Deramo, MD
Private Practice (Provo, UT)
2022 George Washington, MD
Private Practice (Houston, TX)
Berry Fairchild, MD
Private Practice (Houston, TX)