UT Center for Obesity Medicine & Metabolic Performance Fellowship in Clinical Obesity Medicine & Metabolism

Program Director: Deborah B. Horn, DO

The Carolyn J. and Robert J. Allison Jr. Family Foundation Fellowship in Clinical Obesity Medicine and Metabolism offers one position annually and is designed for individuals who wish to obtain rigorous, comprehensive subspecialty training in the area of Obesity Medicine.

This fellowship has been designed to provide trainees with expertise and clinical experience in the emerging field of Obesity Medicine, with a primary focus on the evaluation and management of patients with obesity. Fellows will learn how to treat obesity through intensive lifestyle intervention including modifications to nutrition, physical activity, behavior, pharmacotherapy and collaborative surgical care, as well as how to address the comorbidities of this disorder most effectively. We anticipate that trainees who complete this fellowship program will be prepared to pursue clinical and/or academic careers focused in obesity medicine and to become leaders in this emerging discipline.

Trainees will spend the majority of time in the clinical environment learning about obesity and its comorbidities. By the end of the fellowship, fellows will have a thorough understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of body weight regulation and a fundamental knowledge of current research in the field of Obesity Medicine. They will be able to assess a patient with obesity or other metabolic disorders and to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Trainees will understand and utilize standard and innovative approaches to the treatment of obesity, including body composition and metabolic measurement, novel combination therapies, surgical and medical integration of care, and they will participate in outcomes related research and/or new and emerging treatment trials. They will be able to complete a full evaluation for patients with indications for obesity treatment both medically, surgically, and the medical/surgery combination patient and provide comprehensive care that leads to disease improvement.

Fellows will also develop their teaching skills with medical students, family medicine residents, and endocrinology fellows rotating in the center. Outcomes and standard of care research will be completed under guidance. This fellowship is available to physicians who will have completed an accredited residency program in internal medicine, family medicine, and endocrinology. Other backgrounds considered on a case by case basis.

Contact: Tayna Vazquez
Phone: 713-500-7277