Special Programs

Global Health Agenda

Dr. Matthew R. GreivesDr. Greives, Dr. Wainwright, and, previously, Dr. Teichgraeber, have all taken previous trips with Austin Smiles to Guatemala and El Salvador. In addition, Dr. Greives has been going with MACLA (Medical Aid for Children of Latin America) as a resident (2012, 2013) and then continuously since 2018 (except 2021, due to the pandemic). MACLA services Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and operates at the Hospital Padre Billini, which was the first charity hospital in the country. MACLA is based in Kansas City and has been going to this location for over 30 years. We perform cleft, microtia, hand and burn reconstruction on the trip with many volunteer faculty collaborators, from University of Chicago (Sara Dickie), Mercy Children’s Hospital in Kansas City, UTHealth (Dr Greives), UNC (Michelle Roughton (former) and Jeyhan Wood), and USC.

Gender Affirming Surgery

2021 Gender Program Statistics

  • 257 Consultations
  • 44 Mastectomies
  • 14 Breast Augmentation
  • 26 Vaginoplasty
  • 16 Phalloplasty

All people deserve access to quality medical and surgical care. Specifically for gender affirming surgery, every plastic surgery training program should engage every level of learner to safely perform these procedures and understand the patient population. Gender surgery needs to be accessible.
– Daniel J. Freet, MD, FACS