Program Goals

The goal of this comprehensive program is to provide mentorship as well as didactic and practical training in clinical and translational research, resulting in significant contributions to the care of traumatically-injured patients and future academic independence. Upon the completion of the fellowship, fellows will be able to:

  • Critically analyze available published data
  • Formulate a focused hypothesis
  • Design and perform necessary experiments to test the hypothesis
  • Analyze and interpret results to draw appropriate conclusions and potentially modify experimental strategies
  • Effectively present the results of their research both orally and in writing
  • Prepare a competitive research proposal

Fellows will participate in didactic coursework, including courses in clinical trial design, scientific writing, epidemiology, biostatistics, ethics and career development and have the opportunity to complete a Master of Science in Clinical Research. T32 fellows will be directly advised by a primary faculty mentor at UTHealth.

A successful T32 trainee will be one who is not only able to obtain clinically relevant findings from established protocols and disseminate the results but also gains the skills to design and implement his or her original protocols by the end of the fellowship.