How to Apply

All applications must be submitted by the deadline for the desired start date.

Visitors Rotation
Schedule Visitation Start Application Deadline Openings

The application process takes 8 weeks for processing.

  1. Visitors must have prior approval by requested sponsoring faculty.
  2. Application must be typed and signed by applicant.
    • Pages 1-4 must be completed.
    • Sterling Background Check form must be completed and signed.
    • VH-1 Health form must be completed.
  3. Application must be submitted in full with requested documentation.
  4. Requested visitation category may be changed if all category criteria is not met.
  5. Additional information may be requested accordingly.
  6. All fees must be paid prior to submission of your application, if applicable.

An application processing fee ($750.00 USD if paid by money order or $775.00 USD if paid by wire transfer) will be charged to all Foreign Observers and Foreign Professional Trainees.

Note: Applications for the months of May, June, July, and August will be approved in accordance with space availability.

Please contact the Program Coordinator for additional information.