CRC Computer Course

This course consists of multiple components. Up to 2 hours of credit can be obtained for successful completion (1 for the 3 online modules and 1 for the Database Theory and Design course).

Online Modules

These modules introduce the computer software skills involved in clinical research.  They are self-taught and self-paced.  There are 3 modules; each module contains 1 or more exercises.

Data Managment using Spreadsheets (Excel)

Data Management using Databases (Access)

You must have the “Professional” version of Microsoft Office (with Access) to do this module.

Data Analysis using Stata

You must have the Stata software installed on your computer to do this module. You must download the Excel file and the Stata file (in addition to the instructions in the pdf file) to complete the module.

Credit for the Modules

In order to receive credit for these modules (available for students enrolled in the Clinical Research Curriculum or MS in Clinical Research Degree Program), each exercise must be turned in by email to Deborah Garcia.

Database Theory and Design Course

This is an in-class course that is offered on an intermittent (once-twice/year) basis.  The goals of this course are to:

  • Teach the student to import existing data (from Excel for example) into Access, clean and normalize the data, and use the resulting tables for data entry, retrieval, and analysis;
  • Enable the clinical researcher to construct an Access database from an existing research proposal such that data can be entered, retrieved, and analyzed; and
  • Understand the power of Access and other database systems for more sophisticated data entry, analysis, and reporting.

For more information regarding any of the above programs, or to be included in the email distribution list for upcoming CRCA courses, please email Deborah Garcia, CRCA Program Coordinator or call our office at (713) 500-6708.