MS Degree Program Admissions

Academic Criteria

All applicants will be required to be engaged in or preparing to conduct independent clinical research and meet one of the following two types of academic criteria:

  • Advanced degree in health-related field
    • MD or DO
    • PhD in a related field
    • DDS or DMD
    • RPh or PharmD
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and experience in a health-related field with a GPA of > 3.0 and previous work experience in a health-related field, such as nursing, psychology, dietetics, etc.

At least one year of the Clinical Research Curriculum must be completed before applying to the MS Degree Program.

Acceptance will be based on the Admission Committee’s overall assessment of the applicant’s ability to successfully complete the Program and the Committee’s anticipation that he/she will be able to effectively use the training in meeting future career goals. Preference will be given to candidates who have an established committed departmental mentor. Plans for departmental mentoring must be established prior to enrollment in the program. Candidates from institutions outside of UTHealth will be considered for admission if arrangements can be made for appropriate departmental and methodologic mentorship from the applicant’s own institution.

Application Information

An online application form is available through the Registrar’s Office. The application includes a personal statement, which is a summary of the applicant’s career goals and how the MS Program is expected to support these goals. Official transcripts and an updated CV are also required. A letter of support/recommendation will be required from the applicant’s supervisor to verify the supervisor’s commitment to provide the applicant with adequate “protected” time to complete the Degree Program. Most students have found that a minimum of 20-33% protected time for the duration of enrollment is required for successful and timely completion of the Degree Program.

Applications for the MS Degree Program are considered once every year in June. The deadline for receipt of all application materials (including letters of support and transcripts) is June 15 for acceptance into the Degree Program. Only complete applications will be reviewed. Applications will not be considered complete until all supporting documents have been submitted. Accepted MS degree students may begin coursework in the Fall semester.

Non-degree status

Current Clinical Research Curriculum students may alternatively apply for non-degree status. Non-degree status allows participation in MS-level Advanced Courses, however students are not assigned mentors and do not complete practica or thesis requirements. Non-degree applications are accepted once a year (due October 15) and accepted non-degree students may begin coursework in the Spring semester. Tuition costs apply. These students may apply for a change to Degree Status in a subsequent June admission cycle, however there is no guarantee of eventual acceptance into the MS Degree Program.

Transfer Students

A student may be given up to 18 hours of credit for formal coursework done previously in a comparable program. Students who transfer into the Program must meet the same overall degree requirements as students who undergo all of their training at McGovern Medical School.

For more information regarding the program, please email Deborah Garcia, MS Program Coordinator or call our office at (713) 500-6708.