Health Educators Fellowship Program Fellows

November 30, 2021

November 2022 We are delighted to announce that Dr. Chermaine Tyler and Dr. Elena Zamora have been awarded fellowships.

From Dr. Chermaine Tyler:

I’m a psychologist working as assistant professor in Family and Community Medicine. In my clinical role, I am quite comfortable using psychological and behavioral principles to address patient diagnoses and challenges. I also feel confident that I can teach people the basics of psychiatric diagnoses and the treatments that work best to manage them. However, I applied to the Health Educators Fellowship Program, HEFP, because I knew I needed guidance to effectively train primary care residents to use psychotherapy interventions and to feel confident doing so. With the increasing need and demand for mental health care throughout the pandemic, family medicine physicians find themselves providing this care. I want to develop a behavior health elective for our family medicine trainees to prepare them to meet this challenge. I look forward to the HEFP direction as I design program curriculum and continue advancing McGovern’s teaching mission.

From Dr. Elena Zamora:

During my first year of teaching medical students, I learned that being enthusiastic about teaching is just as important as the information covered. My personal mission is to empower learners to find passion in increasing their clinical knowledge and I am eager to contribute my time to UTHealth and McGovern Medical School. I hope through working with other participants in the Health Educator Fellowship Program (HEFP), I can learn how to strengthen my professional interactions with learners to further empower them to carry out their goals. My future pursuits include building a mentorship program for residents as well as participating in healthcare policy initiatives and Graduate Medical Education committees. I also envision expanding the Medical Coach Experience to include teaching medical students how to give Anticipatory Guidance to patients of all ages. Finally, I am grateful for my acceptance into the Health Educator Fellowship Program.