Ongoing Research Topics

The central theme of my research is to understand the reaction mechanism of several crucial heme-containing proteins that are involved in regulatory functions and the pathological processes of the cardiovascular system. Prostaglandins and nitric oxide (NO) are two important mediators in hemostasis. For example, prostacyclin and NO released by endothelial cells are strong vasodilators and potent inhibitors of platelet aggregation, whereas thromboxane and prostaglandin G2/H2 released by platelets are potent agonists of platelet aggregation and vasoconstriction. All these compounds are short-lived autocoids. A balanced production and timely release of these potent hormones are crucial in maintaining a normal vascular tone and an imbalanced synthesis of these mediators usually leads to pathological conditions.


Metelloenzymes, esp. Hemeproteins Electron transfer and redox reactions Enzyme kinetics, mainly transient kinetics (stopped-flow, rapid-freezing and rapid quench) Computer modeling and simulation Bioenergetics Mitochondria (structure and function) Membrane-bound proteins Prostaglandins, receptors, binding proteins and signal transduction Prostaglandin H synthase and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents Nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase Spectroscopic methods (UV-VIS, fluorescence, EPR and MCD).


Doctorate Degree
Rice University
Bachelor Degree
Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University
Research Associate
Biochemistry, Rice University