Robier Aguillon Prada MD received his medical degree from the Universidad Industrial de Santander in Colombia. He then proceeded with a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at The University of California San Diego. He completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital. Subsequently Dr Aguillon Prada trained in Nephrology at Duke University followed by a Critical Care Medicine Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic, where he was Faculty for 6 years as well as Medical Director of the MICU at the Cleveland Clinic-Hillcrest Hospital. In 2021, he joined the Faculty at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth. He currently serves as one of the MICU Medical directors at Memorial Hermann-TMC.

His areas of interest are Respiratory Failure, Renal disorders in the critical care patient and improvement of the quality of care and processes in the ICUs.

He enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports, reading and traveling.


Medical Degree
Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia
Research Fellowship
University of California San Diego
University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL
Nephrology Fellowship
Duke University, Durham, NC
Critical Care Fellowship
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Master of Applied Science in Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality
Johns Hopkins University. Bloomberg School of Public Health

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

  • Acute Respiratory Failure
  • Acid – Base, Electrolyte and Renal Disorders in the critically ill patient
  • Health Care Quality and Process Improvement in ICU


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