Pulmonary Elective

The pulmonary elective at UT Health affords students the opportunity to obtain broad experience in inpatient pulmonary medicine. The elective is offered at Memorial Hermann Hospital- Texas Medical Center. Rotations at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital may also be available upon request. On both campuses, a student will be a member of the pulmonary consult team and work closely with the Pulmonary/Critical Care faculty and fellow, seeing adult patients with a wide variety of respiratory problems. During the rotation, you will have the opportunity to observe pulmonary related procedures including thoracentesis, bronchoscopy, pleural biopsy, right heart catheterization, pulmonary function testing, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, and chest tube placement. Students rotating on this elective are also invited to attend all conferences scheduled for the UT Health Pulmonary/Critical Care fellows including Grand Rounds, Pathology, and Radiology conferences.

Sleep Elective

Sleep Medicine is an emerging subspecialty that deals with variety of sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea (in children and adults), insomnia (e.g. limit setting and psychophysiological insomnia), restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and neurologic disorders that either affect sleep (e.g. seizure disorders, cerebrovascular accidents and neuromuscular disorders) or are diagnosed during sleep (e.g. REM sleep behavior disorder, central apnea syndromes). This subspecialty is unique in that it encompasses knowledge and techniques fundamental to many other specialties (i.e. Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Family Medicine). A student elective in Sleep Medicine is primarily offered at the Memorial Hermann Hospital Sleep Center where individual experience in reading and interpreting polysomnograms, conducting positive airway titrations for sleep disordered breathing, multiple sleep latency testing and seizure and REM sleep behavior montages is gained under the direct supervision of the sleep faculty. Incorporated into the elective would be an outpatient experience in evaluating patients referred for a variety of sleep disorders. You will learn how to take a detailed sleep history and physical and how to manage many of sleep disorders. Clinics occur twice a week: Wednesday afternoons at the UT professional building, and Thursday mornings at the Quentin Mease Community Hospital (which houses the Harris Health Systems Sleep Center and outpatient clinics). As part of the Sleep Fellowship we conduct weekly core sleep lectures on Tuesday and a monthly city wide conference, with an outside speaker and attended by many of the related specialties. At the end of the elective you would have gained invaluable experience and knowledge that would hopefully contribute to your future career.

MSIV Students

All MSIV students at UTHealth Medical School take Required Critical Care. This course is designed to introduce students to basics of adult Critical Care medicine. Students rotate for one calendar month through medical, surgical and neurologic ICUs located at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, Memorial Hermann Hospital, LBJ and UT-MD Anderson Cancer Center. Faculty from the divisions of Critical Care, Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine lead a variety of didactic sessions: lectures, problem solving sessions, case-based learning. Hands-on skills sessions taught by program fellows and faculty give students a foundation in necessary skills for airway management, vascular access, mechanical ventilation, bedside ultrasound and several invasive procedures.

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