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What is HPTN 094

Discover the Future of Integrated Healthcare: Join us in exploring the groundbreaking HPTN 094 study, also known as ‘INTEGRA.

Opioid Epidemic

Take a stand against the escalating Opioid Epidemic in Houston! With over 2.1 million Americans grappling with Opioid Use Disorder and the devastating impacts rippling across society, it’s time to raise awareness and create change.

HIV in Houston

It’s time to end HIV! There are now more options than ever before to reduce the risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV. Learn more…

Recovery is possible. Integrated healthcare services are just one stop away

HPTN 094 or “INTEGRA Houston” is a vanguard study to determine the effectiveness of using a mobile health unit to provide integrated health services – particularly medication for opioid use disorder (OUD) and medication for HIV treatment or prevention – to people with OUD who inject drugs in five U.S. cities. Call Now! 832-422-6604