MMG’s Garsin and Lorenz labs discover novel therapy for fungal infections

By Justin Mayberry, MPA
October 21, 2022

Garsin and Lorenz Labs

Left to Right: Michael Lorenz, Melissa Cruz, Shane Cristy, Danielle Garsin, Giuseppe Buda De Cesare, Shantanu Guha (Photo by Danny Palomba/Office of Communications)

Huge congratulations are in order for a recent paper published in Nature Communications by a collaboration between the Danielle Garsin, PhD and Michael Lorenz, PhD labs in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics.

“Antifungal drug development is particularly challenging because fungal cells and animal cells are very similar, so it is difficult to find drugs that are effective but not toxic. Our identification of a candidate compound that meets these criteria is a significant step toward providing additional tools to treat fungal infections.” – Michael Lorenz, PhD

“This rigorous iterative process took advantage of the expertise of both groups collaboratively to demonstrate the potential of these fragments for further clinical optimization.” – Danielle Garsin, PhD

To read more, please view the original article published by Roman Petrowski in Scoop.