Medical Education

The medical microbiology course consists of 80 one hour sessions comprising 62 lectures with the balance made up of wet-labs, clinical correlates and problem based learning sessions. The course is divided into four Blocks. Block I is an introduction to bacteria and host parasite interactions. Block II builds on Block I by linking specific bacterial species to the symptoms and diseases that they cause (bacteriology). Block III is all about viruses (virology) and Block IV consists of a week of parasites (parasitology), a week of fungi (mycology), then a final week that pulls everything together from the entire course.

At the end of each Block there is a Block exam, each one is worth 20% towards the final grade. About two weeks after the Block IV there is a USMLE shelf exam which is worth up to 15% of the final grade. The remaining 5% balance towards the final grade comes from attending labs, taking online quizzes and participating in clinical correlates and problem based learning sessions.