All CDS applications require Java version 1.6 or later. CdsViz also requires the Java Media Framework and Java3D.  If you wish to compile source code, you must download the Java Development Kit (JDK) instead or in addition to the JRE (the JDK includes the JRE).


The separate packages for Windows and Linux are only different with respect to some different argument conventions in the batch/script files. The Jar files themselves are identical and will run on any computer that has Java installed.

– v0.403 (1.0 mb) –

– v0.403 with example simulations (14.9 mb) –

– v0.403 with examples, source code and test suite (21.2 mb) –

– User Guide (included in the previous files) –

– Source Code –


Simply unzip the package into the desired directory.

To compile source code, the JAVA_HOME path must be set to the location of the Java JDK (eg. set JAVA_HOME=”c:\Program Files\Java\Jdk1.6.0_20″).  Compile scripts can always be edited to explicitly state the path.  These are setup for Windows, to compile in Linux, any backslashes need to be changed to forward slashes, and semi-colons in path separators need to be changed to colons.  These changes have already been made in the Full package.