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Brain Neuron Animation Courtesy Tim EllmoreNeuroscience is a discipline that employs the tools and language of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biology, neurology and psychiatry. It occupies a rather unique position in the biomedical sciences due to the fact that it not only addresses an organ of critical importance, but also addresses more philosophical issues such as the physiological basis of mind, our emotions and our perceptions of the physical world in which we live.

Many consider the neurosciences to be one of the last frontiers of the biological sciences. It has been said that we have learned more about the brain in the past twenty years than in the entire history of our civilization. Despite the fact that tremendous progress in the neurosciences has been made in recent years, our knowledge of the brain and how it works is still in its infancy. If we are to gain an understanding of how this marvelous, mysterious organ works, students must have thorough knowledge of the cellular and molecular neurobiology of the nervous system – knowledge that will allow them to understand the systems that arise from these cellular components and interpret new developments in the field during the coming years.

Neuroscience Online provides an open-access electronic resource for students, faculty, and those interested in neuroscience.   The project began in 1999 and the first module was released in 2007, and is under continual review and updating.

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