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6431 Fannin Street – Suite MSB 7.044
Houston, Texas 77030
Tel: 713-500-7100


Hilda Ahnstedt Senior Program Manager 713-500-7742
Lori Capozzi  Director, Business Development 713-500-7535
Brandi Carrico Senior Program Manager 713-500-7029
Tammy Jefferson Manager, Business Development 713-500-7099
Elizabeth Lesenski Administrative Manager 713-500-7867
Edin Panameno Manager, Financial Reporting and Accounting 713-500-7850
Alessa Perez Support Assistant 713-500-7111
Doris Reynolds  Senior Project Manager 713-500-7838
Jana Rosario Communications Assistant 713-500-7048
Gabriela Scotto Financial Support Specialist 713-500-7535
Trina Ward  Senior Financial Analyst 713-500-7377

Chair’s Office
Lucy Garza Executive Assistant 713-500-7582
Rossana Gonzalez-Ayala Director, Management Operations II 713-500-7893
Samantha Merritt Senior Project Manager 713-500-7079

Dalila Cortez Credentialing Coordinator 713-500-7128
Mayra Nunez Credentialing Coordinator 713-500-8935

Crystal Carpenter Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator II, Vascular Neurology 713-500-7857
Mary Clark Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator II, Neuromuscular 713-500-6784
Andrew Coulter Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator II, Epilepsy 832-325-7071
Lucy Garza Neurohospitalist Fellowship Coordinator 713-500-7582
Ryan Glenn Fellowship Coordinator, Multiple Sclerosis 713-500-7029
Florinda Guerra Senior Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator, Residency Program 713-500-7027
Shonda Henderson Senior Administrative Assistant 713-500-7024
Sherri McCollum Coordinator II, Educational Programs/MS Student Clerkship 713-500-7030
Britney Mortenson Senior Program Manager, Residency Program 713-500-7722
April Vera Senior Administrative Assistant/Fellowship Coordinator, Neurocognitive Disorders 713-486-0536

Research Administration
Jennifer Bales Research Coordinator I, Mitchell Center 713-500-7036
Abigail Betner Project Manager, Vascular (Stroke) & Interventional Neurology 713-500-7053
Teosha Blaylock Senior Administrative Assistant, Diagnostic Neurology 713-500-7664
Rimma Brokhin Senior Administrative Assistant, Neuropsychology 713-486-0503
Camilla Clark Senior Administrative Assistant 713-500-7856
Gabriela Colpo Research Scientist, Biorepository of Neurological Disorders 713-500-7146
Ashley Fordyce Administrative Coordinator, BRAINS Lab 713-486-0012
Gloria Galvan Program Manager, Movement Disorders 713-500-7051
Phillip Gonzales Senior Administrative Assistant, Vascular (Stroke) & Interventional Neurology 713-500-7066
Danielle Guillory Senior Administrative Assistant,  Diagnostic Neurology 713-500-7545
Catalina Herrera Senior Administrative Assistant, BRAINS Lab 713-500-7146
Taghanna Kennedy Senior Administrative Assistant, Epilepsy 713-500-8916
Emily Kleihege Administrative Coordinator, Mitchell Center 713-500-7478
Barbara Lewis Institute for Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disease 713-500-7273
Maria-Jose Liberona Mitchell Center 713-500-6165
Michael Maniskas Program Manager, BRAINS Lab 713-500-7108
Elizabeth Martinez Research Coordinator II, Multiple Sclerosis 713-500-7045
Chantay McCormick Senior Administrative Assistant, Vascular (Stroke) & Interventional Neurology 713-500-7019
Elizabeth Rios Executive Assistant, Epilepsy 713-500-4473
Yvette Sanders Senior Program Manager, Mobile Stroke Unit 713-500-7047
Colleen Taylor Program Manager, Epilepsy 713-500-7752
Ilse Vela Senior Administrative Assistant, Epilepsy 713-500-7117