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Abigail Betner Administrative Assistant Telemedicine 713-500-7053
Andrew Coulter Senior Administrative Assistant Epilepsy 832-325-7071
April Vera Senior Administrative Assistant Neurocognitive 713-486-0536
Brandi Carrico Senior Administrative Assistant Multiple Sclerosis 713-500-7029
Britney May Mortenson Program Manager Residency Program 713-500-7722
Charmaine Valencia Administrative Manager Administration 713-500-7031
Chelsea Colenberg Senior Administrative Assistant Epilepsy 713-500-7117
Cheryl Hayes Senior Administrative Assistant BRAINS Research Laboratory 713-486-0012
Crystal Carpenter Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator II Vascular Neurology 713-500-7857
Cynthia Crawford Senior Administrative Manager Administration 713-500-7028
Doris Green Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist Administration 713-500-7838
Elizabeth Lesenski Administrative Coordinator Administration 713-500-7867
Erin Emslie Senior Administrative Assistant Epilepsy 713-500-8916
Florinda Guerra Senior Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator Residency Program 713-500-7027
Gloria Galvan Program Manager Movement Disorders 713-500-7051
Jennifer Bales Research Coordinator I Mitchell Center 713-500-7036
Jim Jemelka Clinical Research Coordinator Multiple Sclerosis 713-500-7045
KoKo (Tawaki) Taylor Program Manager Endovascular/Credentialing 713-500-7128
Lori Capozzi Manager of Business Development BRAINS Research Laboratory 713-500-7535
Lucy Garza Senior Administrative Assistant Chair’s Office 713-500-7582
Mary Clark Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator II Neuromuscular 713-500-6784
Meghan Nelson Program Manager Vascular Neurology 713-500-7092
Nur Compan Senior Administrative Assistant Diagnostic Neurology 713-500-7545
Phillip Gonzales Senior Administrative Assistant Vascular Neurology 713-500-7066
Phyllis Carothers Administrative Assistant Mitchell Center 713-500-7034
Rimma Brokhin Senior Administrative Assistant Senior Administrative Assistant 713-486-0503
Rossana Gonzalez-Ayala Director, Management Operations II Chair’s Office 713-500-7893
Samantha Merritt Senior Program Manager Chair’s Office 713-500-7079
Sherri McCollum Coordinator II, Educational Programs Neurology Clerkship/Movement Disorders 713-500-7030
Tammy Jefferson Senior Program Manager, Grants and Contracts Administration 713-500-7099
Yvette Sanders Senior Program Manager Mobile Stroke Unit 713-500-7047