To provide equitable and high-quality patient care by increasing access and connecting patients, hospitals, and communities to outstanding neurohospitalist and vascular neurologist expertise throughout Texas, via telemedicine.


  • To provide as excellent neurologic care remotely as we do in-person, utilizing technological advances.
  • To be an indispensable resource for our patients, the physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses with whom we collaborate, and their communities regarding stroke and neurology education.
  • To provide support for telestroke, teleneurology, and individual institutional quality assurance and research.


Our service provides acute neurological consultative services anywhere, anytime. We are not limited to the emergency department; a neurological emergency can happen anywhere in the hospital. Our team of physicians work directly with your onsite doctors to assess and consult, making sure your local team are 100% informed and satisfied with the plan of care. Example consults include evaluation and management of Code Strokes or potential IV-tPA, intra-arterial thrombectomy, cerebral hemorrhage, status epilepticus, or any new onset of altered mental status. Our team works with your current transfer pathways to ensure that patients are properly admitted or transferred to the appropriate facility of your and your patient’s choice.