Thank you for looking into the University of Texas Movement Disorder Group, UT Move, where patient satisfaction and quality of life improvement is our top priority.

Our physicians have received the highest credentials in their fields in order to best diagnose and treat various Movement Disorders as a subspecialty of Neurology. Our clinical and research staff strives to promote comfort and relieve stress associated with visits to our clinics, while providing patients with detailed explanations of the disorder affecting them and any procedure or research trial that may be involved with the patient’s treatment.

Some of the conditions we treat and specialize in:

Parkinson’s disease Tourette’s syndrome
Secondary Parkinsonism Tics
Atypical Parkinsonism (MSA, PSP, CBPD) Restless leg syndrome
Dystonia (focal and generalized) REM sleep behavior disorder
Chorea (Huntington’s and other chorea) Hemifacial spasm
Ataxias (inherited and acquired) Blepharospasm
Essential tremor (and other tremor) Spasticity
Myoclonus and startle …and other movement disorders

Procedures we use:

  • Deep Brain Stimulation: Patient selection and intraoperative mapping  for  electrode placement, programming, and management
  • Spasticity management: Comprehensive pharmacological and surgical therapies including selection of Intrathecal  Baclofen Pump patients,  baclofen lumbar puncture trial and assessment, refill and programming of intrathecal Baclofen pumps.
  •  Botox injections with or without  EMG guidance
  • Administration of rating scales for motor, non-motor, cognitive, depression and ADL’s
  • Neuroimaging including spine and brain CT, MRI, functional MRI, DAT scan, FDG PET, and SPECT. 

Clinic Locations

UT Professional Building Adult Neurology Clinic
Tel: 832-325-7080
6410 Fannin Suite 1014
Houston, Texas 77030

Mischer Neuroscience Associates – The Woodlands
Tel: 832-325-7080
9180 Pinecroft, Ste 500
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Smith Clinic – HCHD
Tel: 713-566-3600
2525-A Holly Hall
Houston, TX 77054