Larry C. Gilstrap, MD, Center for Perinatal and Women’s Health Research

The Gilstrap CenterLarry C. Gilstrap, MD, Center for Perinatal and Women’s Health Research, is the Clinical Trials Coordinating Center for the Obstetrics and Gynecology department at McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston (UTHealth). The center is designed with the mindset that clinical research should not be an arduous process.  The goal of the center is to facilitate the process of developing a clinical trial from inception to termination with ease and efficiency. The Gilstrap Center is responsible for coordinating and facilitating all aspects of conducting clinical trials and interventional studies, including clinical operations; oversight of all committees and working groups; development of the protocol, consent, manual of operations and all amendments; definition and management of study budgets; database development and maintenance; monitoring of study progress; coordination with data analysis, presentations, and publications.

Mission Statement
To perform methodical clinical scientific research specifically designed to answer questions related to perinatal and women’s health in a manner that improves the standard of care and broadens knowledge in the OB/GYN community.