Elective Application

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences welcomes students for fourth-year electives. The electives run from the first of the month to the end of the month. Student Affairs does not release visiting student applications to departments until UTHealth students’ schedules are finalized at the end of May and/or all the required application documents are received. The Student Affairs office will notify students if space is available in the time period requested. If possible, students should give two choices of dates and/or electives.

Transportation is required for electives at Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) General Hospital (OBGY 4025 / 4026 and 4M23), St. Joseph’s / Methodist Hospital (4017) and the Oncology elective (4016).

Electives at St. Joseph/Methodist and M.D. Anderson Center both require hospital GME applications. Students will be contacted about the additional application after they have been approved for the elective.

The OBGY 4006 elective is available as a day rotation or a night rotation. Students should indicate on the application form which rotation they are requesting.

There are two mini (2-week) electives available. They are OBGY 4M08-Ultrasound (MHH), and OBGY 4M23 Ultrasound (LBJ). The mini-electives are not available the second half of November or the second half of December. Students should not request a mini-elective if they plan to be away for interviews or for reasons other than illness. Absence during the mini-elective will be reflected in the evaluation.

View all of the electives offered in the catalog. The instructions for requesting an application are in the catalog.

Additional information

Visiting students who need additional information regarding the application process, please contact:
Jamie Munsinger
Student Services

Sissy Spraberry
Administrative Coordinator, Lyndon Baines Johnson Hospital (LBJ)