Gynecologic Oncology

The Division of Gynecologic Oncology in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston (UTHealth) provides comprehensive specialized care for women diagnosed with gynecologic malignancies including cervical, uterine, ovarian, vulvar, vaginal, gestational trophoblastic disease and other reproductive organ cancers.


The Division of Gynecologic Oncology’s mission is to:

  • Provide high-quality, personalized medical care to women diagnosed with or suspected of having a gynecologic malignancy, in a well-coordinated, multidisciplinary fashion so as to improve, enhance, and sustain quality of life
  • Disseminate knowledge through education of current and future women’s health care providers and general practitioners on various aspects of reproductive organ cancers
  • Advance medical knowledge through contributions in biomedical research in the areas of prevention, screening, and treatment
  • Collaborate with physician colleagues and local leaders to promote good health for our community

Services Offered

Our team of highly skilled physicians and nurses provides consultation and management in both the outpatient and inpatient setting.

  • Complete surgical care of women diagnosed with or suspected of having a gynecologic malignancy is provided by our fellowship-trained gynecologic oncologists, and includes the latest advances in surgical techniques including minimally invasive and robotic surgery to enhance patient outcomes. Surgical and postoperative care is provided by members of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at our affiliated hospitals within the Memorial Hermann system.
  • Comprehensive cancer care is further provided through collaboration with members of the Divisions of Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, and Radiology and includes multidisciplinary tumor board conferences and coordination of care through the Memorial Hermann Cancer Center.
  • Coordinated services include genetic counseling, infusion services, palliative care, and social work.
  • Additional areas of expertise within the gynecologic oncology division include providing care for pregnant women with gynecologic cancer, fertility-sparing surgery for gynecologic malignancies, management of suspicious adnexal masses, complex gynecologic and obstetrical surgical conditions, care for women with genetic predisposition to gynecologic cancers, and management of complex pre-invasive conditions.

Sites and Information

Department of Gynecologic Oncology
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)
6431 Fannin, Suite 3.119
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: (713) 500-6436