Research in Progress- Active IRB’s Interests

Clinical Research

    • One of 12 centers in the United States
    • Ongoing multicenter trials
    • Access to databases following study closures
    • Fellows encouraged to submit secondary analysis proposals
    • Multiple research staff
  • Departmental / Federal, Industry Sponsored Research
    • Senior research staff
    • Senior research associate
    • Research nurses
    • Clinical research assistants
    • Multiple research staff
  • Clinical Research Projects
    • All Fellows are encouraged to complete clinical research projects in addition to thesis projects
    • Multiple faculty members involved in fellow and resident research mentorship

Basic / Translational Science Research

  • MFM Laboratory
    • Dr. Ramesha Papanna and Lovepreet Mann – primary area of focus PROM physiology & effects fetal surgery
    • Dr. Jacqueline Parchem – primary area of focus preeclampsia physiology and trophoblast dysfunction. She works with Dr. Kalluri at MD Anderson
  • Yang Xia Laboratory
    • Primary Focus – Angiotensin receptors, autoimmunity preeclampsia and sickle cell disease

Center for Clinical Research & Evidence – Based Medicine

  • Clinical Research Curriculum- The Clinical Research Curriculum is a two-year introductory series of evening courses designed to promote clinical research expertise among clinical investigators at the fellow and junior faculty levels. No cost to MFM Fellows