Message from Program Director

Ramesha Papanna, M.D., M.P.H.

Ramesha Papanna, MD, MPH Professor Director, Fetal Intervention Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in our fetal intervention fellowship. The goal of the fellowship is to train the next generation of experts in fetal medicine and surgery who will care for the patients around the world and advance the field with innovation and clinical research. During the two years of fellowship, the fellow will have hands-on exposure to complex fetal intervention procedures that will gradually advance to reach competency. The fellowship prepares the fellow for a future of fetal medicine where there are constant advances made in diagnosis and interventions with collaboration with other disciplines. The fetal intervention fellow is an integral part of team who will assimilate clinical information, review latest evidence, and discuss care plan with experts to develop a management plan and execute it.

The fellow will have access to prospective database of fetal intervention over 1000 patients to explore clinical questions, and biobank of samples to explore translational research questions. The fellow is exposed to research studies at the Fetal Center and the preclinical studies. The Texas Medical Center has multiple universities with potential for collaborations for any research questions to pursue as a career. The fellows are expected to present at multiple national and international conferences.

I can be confident to state that our fellowship gives you an opportunity and platform to build a solid foundation upon which launch a successful career as a fetal interventionist.