Graduate School
Applied Developmental Science & Special Education, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2017

Areas of Interest

Research Interests

Dr. Varghese’s research interests include developing and scaling professional development models for early childhood practitioners (e.g., teachers, coaches, trainers), implementation fidelity, and teacher-child interactions within early childhood contexts.Dr. Varghese’s research interests around professional development for early childhood practitioners are reflected in her work on several federally- and state-funded projects. Dr. Varghese currently serves as Co-PI of the Core Coaching Competencies Professional Development (C3PD; R305A210075), which is a development grant focused on training and learning opportunities for early childhood coaches. She also serves as Co-PI of the Coaching for Continuous Quality Improvement study that is focused on enhancing coaching skills for Texas Rising Star mentors. Dr. Varghese is a Co-Investigator on a grant contrasting three different professional development models for pre-k teachers (R305A180406; PI: Dr. Crawford). She is also Co-PI of the Early Childhood Education Partnerships (ECEP) project that expands on competency-based frameworks for early childhood educators. The aforementioned projects leverage a comprehensive micro-credential system (co-developed with Dr. April Crawford) that utilizes digital badging to recognize specific and observable skills across practitioners (e.g., coaches, trainers, tutors).


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Varghese, C., Vernon-Feagans, L., & Bratsch-Hines, M. (2019). Associations between teacher–child relationships, children’s literacy achievement, and social competencies for struggling and nonstruggling readers in early elementary school. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 47, 124–133.

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Curriculum Vitae

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