Welcome to McGovern Medical School’s Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine. We are the newest division in the Department of Pediatrics, created in 2016, and are committed to providing exceptional care to patients hospitalized at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. In doing so, we use an evidence-based, family-centered approach to inpatient care with outstanding communication and professionalism. Our faculty are constant advocates for improving the care of hospitalized children as we participate in ongoing patient safety and quality improvement initiatives. We are the primary educators for the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital general inpatient pediatrics rotations for the pediatrics, internal medicine/pediatrics, child neurology, and medical genetics residents, as well as the primary pediatrics inpatient teaching site for the medical students of McGovern Medical School. We have a robust educational curriculum and participate in educational research. As part of our mission to outstanding patient care and education, Pediatric Hospital Medicine faculty provide 24 hour in-house supervision of residents and students at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Our division is actively developing a fellowship program for Pediatric Hospital Medicine at McGovern Medical School and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, as Pediatric Hospital Medicine is the newest sub-specialty board to be recognized by the American Board of Pediatrics.