B.S., Biology
New York University, 1968
M.S., Human Genetics and Genetics Counseling
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 1976
Ph.D., Epidemiology
University of Texas School of Public Health, 1988

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

Medical Genetics, Orthopedic Genetic Disorders, Dwarfing Conditions, Craniofacial Disorders.

Research Interests

Gene discovery in cleft lip and palate, Role of mutant cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (MT-COMP) in pseudoachondroplasia.


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Skeletal dysplasias/ Dwarfing conditions

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Hecht, J.T., Veerisetty, A.C., Wu, J., Hossain, M.G., Chiu, F., Gannon, F.H., Posey, K.L.: Primary OA phenotype induced by ER-stress is mitigated by resveratrol. Submitted Am J Pathol 2021

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Cleft lip and palate gene discovery

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Young, J., Lifer, S.S., Blanton, S., Hecht, J.T.: DNA methylation variation is identified inmonozygotic twins discordant for nonsyndromic cleft lip and palate. Submitted Frontiers Cell Dev Biol 2021