Dr. Ricardo Mosquera was born and raised in Colombia and received his Doctorate in Medicine from Universidad de Monterrey. He completed his pediatric residency at Texas A&M- Driscoll Children’s Hospital and a pediatric pulmonary fellowship at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).

Dr. Mosquera also completed a Master in Clinical Research at UTHealth, as his goal is to continue as a highly productive leader in research to develop, assess, and refine methods to improve the outcomes of children with pulmonary medical complexities, especially those in a minority and low-income families.

His biggest accomplishment thus far has been the development of a 360-degree healthcare model, designed to reduce fragmentation of care for this population. This model includes the integration of primary and subspecialty care at all settings: outpatient, inpatient and home with conventional telemedicine). Along with all of these components, Dr. Mosquera has published numerous articles and presented at various national conferences on topics that impact the health of children with medical complexity, especially in pulmonary medicine.

Dr. Mosquera enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, loves to travel.


Graduate School
University of Monterrey, Monterrey, MX
Texas A&M University- Driscoll Children Hospital, Corpus Christi, TX
University of Texas-Houston Medicine School, Houston, TX


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