Special Programs

The Division of General and Community Pediatrics developed “Food For Children” food campaign to provide food to families seen in The University of Texas Medical School Pediatric Clinics. The patients who will receive the food are having difficulty getting adequate food for their family. A large number of patients seen in The University of Texas Medical School Pediatric Clinics receive little assistance. Our goal is to serve these patients with the best medical care available and at the same time help to feed children.

Our Purpose

Current state budgets are tight and food programs are being cut back historically to low levels in Houston. It is time for others to expand beyond traditional resources to feed and serve the hungry and to increase food sources for needy families. One new avenue to outreach these families is at the very healthcare clinics they attend for medical care. In the clinics, children and families come in with histories of not having the proper food for nutrition to feed their children. These children suffer from insufficient calories/improper calories and ultimately suffer from poor growth and failure to thrive. Almost 15% of households in Texas report being food insecure (based on this fact estimates are over 3.1 million Texans are food insecure).

How The Donation Works

Needy families will be identified monthly in the clinics by staff personnel each month. Food baskets will be offered to those families in the pediatric clinics. Food (non-perishable items) will be collected daily from the staff, faculty, residents, students and other clinical personnel willing to donate. The donated food stuff will be stored in designated food drop containers located in the UTPB, 5th Floor Pediatric Clinics, The Department of Pediatrics in the UT-MSMB, and the 4th Floor of the Jesse Jones Library in (The Office of Division of General and Community Pediatrics) for future distribution to identified needy families.

We are in a crisis, and the time is now to change and be a part of food support for the children and families. Our rewarding work is to serve our patients.

Not associated with Food For Children, Inc.