McGovern Medical School

Contact Info

Academic Office
(713) 500-5764

Professor and Division Head,
Pediatric Research Center,
Vice Chair for Research,
Leah L. Lewis Distinguished Chair,
Department of Pediatrics, UTHealth Medical School,
Associate Dean for Research,
UTHealth School of Dentistry

Education & Background

Graduate School
University of Texas School of Public Health
Houston, Texas


American Board of Medical Genetics, 1982 (M.S.)
American Board of Medical Genetics, 2009 (Ph.D.)
American Board of Genetic Counseling, 2003 (M.S.)


Clinical Interests
Medical Genetics, Orthopedic Genetic Disorders, Dwarfing Conditions, Craniofacial Disorders.
Research Interests
Gene discovery in cleft lip and palate, Role of mutant cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (MT-COMP) in pseudochondroplasia.


Chiquet, B.T., Lidral, A.C., Stal, S., Mulliken, J.B., Moreno, L.M., Arco-Burgos, M., Valencia, C.R., Blanton, S.H., Hecht, J.T.:  CRISPLD2:  A Novel NSCLP Candidate Gene.  Hum Mole Genet, 16:2241-8, 2007.  NIHMS133941.  PMID: 17616516; PMCID: PMC3755375.

Posey, K.L., Veerisetty, A.C., Wang, H.R., Poindexter, B.J., Bick, R., Alcorn, J.L., Hecht, J.T.:  An inducible COMP mouse model recapitulates human PSACH phenotype.  Am J Pathol, 175:1555-63, 2009.  PMID: 19762713; PMCID:  PMC2751552.

Posey, K.L., Coustry, F., Veerisetty, A.C., Liu, P., Alcorn, J.L., Hecht, J.T.:  Chop (Ddit3) Is Essential for D469del-COMP Retention and Cell Death in Chondrocytes in an Inducible Transgenic Mouse Model of Pseudoachondroplasia.  Am J Pathol 180:727-37, 2012.  PMID: 22154935; PMCID: PMC3349877.

Posey, K.L., Coustry, F., Veerisetty, A.C., Liu, P., Alcorn, J.L., Hecht, J.T. Chondrocyte-specific pathology during skeletal growth and therapeutics in a murine model of pseudoachondroplasia. J Bone Min Res, May 2014; 29(5): 1258-1268. PMID: 24194321.  PMCID: PMC4075045

Posey, K.L., Alcorn, A.L., Hecht, J.T.: Pseudoachondroplasia/COMP – Translating from the bench to the bedside. Matrix Biol, July 2014. PMID: 24892720.

Lab Information

Francoise Coustry, PhD - Research Scientist

(713) 500-5829


Joanna Espinosa - Research Technician I

(713) 500-6438


Mohammad Hossain - Research Assistant II

(713) 500-5786


Lorena Maili, MS - Research Assistant II

(713) 500-6581


Rosa Martinez - Clinical Research Coordinator

(713) 500-5498


Robert Plant - Research Assistant I

(713) 500-6581


Maria Elena Serna - Database Specialist

(713) 500-5785


Alka Veerisetty - Histology Technician II

(713) 500-5786


Seenya Vincent - Research Technician I

(713) 500-6438


Qiuping Yuan, PhD - Research Associate

(713) 500-5788