Benefits of using the GSP 340B Factor Program

You can get the most cost-effective prescription medicine & the highest quality medical care for you and your family!

As an added benefit, any income we might make by being your pharmacy must, by law, go directly back into improving patient services and programs. The federal government requires that the money generated by the 340B Program be used only to maintain and enhance comprehensive care at the HTC. Helps us meet the needs of patients throughout their lifetime, including the transition from pediatric to adult care. Simply put, this means better care for you and your family.

What is a 340B Factor Program?


It’s Cost Effective!

Special government pricing allows the HTC to purchase medications for their patients at a reduced cost. This means lower medication cost for the patient!




Ordering is Easy!

Contact the treatment center to place your order. Your medication is delivered directly to your home or workplace. Your insurance claims are filed for you, and our billing staff works with you to verify coverage or follow up on a claim. And, of course, there are no additional charges for infusion supplies or shipping.



How do I get started?

Participation in the program is voluntary. You will still get the same outstanding care you have always gotten, even if you choose not to be a part of the program. Just call the GSHTC office to find out if you are eligible to receive your factor through Gulf States Pharmacy, the Hemophilia Treatment Center’s 340B Program.