Research Centers

The Pediatric Research Center is the basic research division of the Department of Pediatrics at McGovern Medical School UTHealth. The Center is home to leading research scientists whose work focuses on identifying the causes of birth defects/disabilities and developmental disorders.

The goal of the Center is to increase the public’s healthy years of life by promoting high-quality clinical research and by advancing the application of this research in preventing illness and reducing suffering, disability, and premature death.

The Center for the treatment of Pediatric Neurodegenerative Disease strives to centralize care for children afflicted with rare, chronic, and debilitating diseases.

Gulf States Hemophilia and Thrombophilia Center (GSHTC) is one of 140 federally funded hemophilia treatment programs across the county dedicated to providing compassionate state-of-the-art care for individuals with congenital and acquired bleeding and thrombotic disorders.

The mission of the Children’s Learning Institute is to advance learning and health outcomes for all children through public and private partnerships in research, resource development, clinical programs, and service delivery.