UTHealth BioRepository of NICU Diseases and Infectious Diseases: Newborns admitted to the NICU at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital are enrolled into our biobank with parental permission. The aim is to collection minute biosamples longitudinally during the NICU hospitalization in order to expedite research in a variety of rare neonatal diseases.

Congenital Hearts And NutriGenetics (CHANGE) Study: Congenital heart defects (CHD) are thought to be caused by genetic and environmental interactions. Folate deficiency during pregnancy has been identified as a potential environmental risk factor for cardiac maldevelopment in the embryo, occurring when most women do not know of their pregnancy and often are not taking prenatal supplements with FA. The aim is to collect maternal folate biomarkers, genetic information, and nutritional survey during pregnancy to further study the genetic-environmental relationship. Funding source: 5KL2TR003168-02

Differences in Genetic Expression in Cardiac Tissue of Congenital Heart Repairs: In cardiac surgeries requiring cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), there is risk of multi-organ ischemic injury including the heart itself. Failure of ventricular function is an early post-operative complication associated with higher mortality and plays a significant role in infant mortality. The aim is to identify differences in gene expression that increase risk for heart failure and in-hospital mortality.