The Structural Biology Imaging Center is dedicated to facilitation of structural biology research activities on structure/function of macromolecular and subcellular complexes using key structural techniques: nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), X-ray crystallography, and electron microscopy (EM). It is our mission to create a stimulating research environment by supporting activities such as seminars and workshops. The Center supports and coordinates maintenance of the equipment used in structural biology research and provides services to the users, including data collection and training. Through hiring of new young investigators, we aim to develop a center that constitutes a critical mass for research excellence in the field. The Center brings together faculty from The University of Texas at Houston, McGovern Medical School.

– Irina Serysheva, Director


The Center provides access to 600 MHz NMR facility, Tecnai Polara G2 300 kV and JEOL 1200EX 100kV cryo-electron microscopes, an X-ray diffractometer, all located within the UT at Houston Medical School, and also to the synchrotron beam line of the Molecular Biology Consortium at the University of California Berkeley for X-ray crystallography. The equipment is available to researchers from the Medical School as well as the members of greater Houston research community (on a per-fee or collaborative basis).

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