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Technical Support

Audio Visual and/or Interactive Video Technical Support

Request for technical support needs to be made at least two weeks prior to the event date to enable time to confirm a technician’s availability.  Confirmation will be in written form and will include AV Tech contact name & phone number.   Fees may be attached to events requiring Technical Support.  As soon as the event has ended, please send the actual hours worked to ms.deancops@uth.tmc.edu and Cc: Valerie.A.Buchanan@uth.tmc.edu, Sr. Manager – AV & Conference Services.   Normal business hours for the Conference Operations department are 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday during UTHealth regular business days of operation.

  • No charge – (UTHealth ONLY) Schedule a training session for yourself or someone involved in the event to meet with an AV technician prior to the event during regular business hours. Our technician will train on the basic use of audiovisual equipment for the room.
  • Weekday Regular hours Fees – Minimum charge of one hour ($50 per hour) per AV/IV Technician plus Administrative Fee (Based on Total Invoice – see above for Administrative Fee).   A chart-field string or account number will be required prior to event for UTHealth.  For AV/IV Technician to remain in room during an event taking place from 8:00am -5:00pm Monday through Friday, the Weekday Regular hours fees may be invoiced.
  • Weekday After hours Fees – Minimum charge of two hours ($50 per hour) per AV/IV Technician plus Administrative Fee (Based on Total Invoice – see Rates & Fees page for Administrative Fee).   A chart-field string or account number will be required prior to event for UTHealth.  After hour charges start at 5:00pm  on the day of the event taking place Monday through Friday.
  • Weekend Hours Fees – Minimum charge of four hours ($50 per hour) per AV Technician plus an Administrative Fee (Based on Total Invoice – see Rates & Fees page for Administrative Fee).   A chart-field string or account number will be required prior to event for UTHealth.

Central Interactive Video Services

Requests must be made at least one week prior to the event.  Services offered at no charge for UTHealth Faculty, staff and students during UTHealth regularly scheduled business hours.

Departmental group email: video@uth.tmc.edu

Services Offered:

  • Multiparty teleconferencing – Set-up of a teleconference that requires more than 3 participants in a scheduled teleconference. Less than 4 telephone connections can be connected using a standard UT Health desk telephone.
  • UTH Connect – An online, computer-based desktop solution for online meetings, classes, webinars or video chat. All connecting participants enter a scheduled online meeting room by web address as hosts or participants depending on logon credentials.
    • To request MEETING HOST access privileges you must:
      • Complete the UTH Connect meeting host request form. Your name will be added as an UTH Connect registered user. This process usually takes 24 – 48 hours. Once you have been added into the UT system, you will be able to log on to the system using your UT Health credentials and conduct meetings.  Please note that UTH Connect meeting attendees do not need to submit a service request. Only a potential UTH Connect meeting host will need to complete this process. Meeting attendees, simply sign into the system as guests.  Meeting Hosts can assign guests temporary additional privileges within meetings as necessary.
  • Webcasting – Offered to UT Health personnel requesting Video Webcast / Video Capture for V.I.P. and larger events, classes, and Medical School Grand Rounds to be accessed by means of the UT Health Video on Demand website (departmental approval required).  Video webcast/capture location is dependent on estimated number of attendees (in event location).Webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet. Webcasts may be presented “live” or “on demand”. Higher & lower webcast resolution options are available.  Please inquire about available broadcast locations and webcast options. There is currently no fee for this service.
  • Videoconferencing – Offered to UT Health personnel requiring Video conferencing for meetings, seminars, classes; to be accessed by means of specific UT Health established locations and institutions collaborating with members of the UT Health system (departmental approval required).  Location dependent on estimated number of attendees (in requester‘s meeting location). Videoconferencing (also known as a video teleconferencing) is a set of interactive video communication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. Computer screen sharing and additional telephone connectivity are also options upon request. Please inquire about available videoconferencing locations and videoconference options. There is currently no fee for this service.


Thank you to Everyone for your patience, your support and working with our team during the CoVID19 crisis. We appreciate each of you. Please know that we are continuing to monitor the University’s
updates to stay current with policies and procedures. 

Departments may be charged up to $250 per instance for sponsored events not following room use and policy guidelines as shown on Policy & Procedures page.

Please Wash Your Hands Frequently
Use Hand Sanitizer Before/After Touching Surfaces in Public Areas
Not Fully Vaccinated? Please Wear a Mask & Practice Social Distancing
Stay Informed & Help Save Lives

Conference Operations encourages all meetings to continue to offer attendees virtual access to their events via WebEx whenever possible.