Elective Experiences

Fellows are encouraged to pursue elective experiences based on their interests and career goals. In addition to a wide range of clinical experiences, fellows may participate in the Physician Educator Certificate Program (PECP) and the Certificate in Healthcare Management Program.

The Physician Educator Certificate Program, sponsored by the Office of Educational Programs, was launched in 2016 and is currently available to residents and fellows interested in developing their teaching skills. The 8-month program includes monthly workshops covering a variety of topics (e.g., Effective Communication with Challenging Learners and Small Group Teaching Strategies). Participants complete peer observations of their own teaching and write a reflection paper based on the feedback they receive.

The Healthcare Management Certificate Program, sponsored by the University of Houston and Rice University, aims to give participants the tools they need to make informed management decisions in their healthcare careers. This month-long course covers a variety of topics, including Negotiation Techniques, Personal Finance, and Strategic Healthcare Planning.