Development & Performance Plan

The Faculty Educators Development Plan:

Onboarding Faculty
Quarterly small group meetings with new hires for orientation, expectations, and resource distribution
Yearly Feedback
NI Composite evaluation feedback sent to all teaching faculty at the conclusion of each academic year

Educational Support
Yearly updated Google form for academic and education contributions to allow for recognition
Performance Improvement
Individualized performance improvement plan for selected individuals

Performance Plan:

down arrowsStage 0
Orientation & Training for all
Transition to Faculty

  • Orientation with Departmental Senior Education Faculty Leader
  • Introductory workshops from OEP
  • Peer Coach

down arrowsStage 1
Coffee with Program Director / Vice Chair
Occurs frequently

  • Non formal setting
  • No fault for event its assumed, session is for feedback only *provide resource toolbox for growth
  • May be assigned a senior faculty mentor to help grow and prevent recurrence
  • Examples include but not limited to: minor unprofessional activities, i.e., reportedly tardiness for lectures without informing program office in a timely manner, excessive delinquent evaluations, repeated minor complaints from trainees/colleagues/ancillary services/patients, etc.

down arrowsStage 2
Occurrence unusual
Faculty Development Plan

  • Meeting with Program Director, Division Director and/or Vice Chair for Education
  • Letter to internal file with documented concerns
  • Documented educator development items for growth

Stage 3
Occurrence unusual
Letter of Concern sent to Chairman’s Office / Removal of Trainees

  • FOLLOW-UP Meeting with Program Director and/or Vice Chair for Education
  • LETTER TO CHAIRMAN’S OFFICE with notification included in online Annual Faculty Profile
  • CONTINUE documented concerns & performance improvement items
  • IMPLEMENTATION of lance chance standing (any additional item/occurrence of concern may/will trigger removal from learning environment, both clinical and didactic)


  1. Department Chair
  2. Division Director
  3. Program Director
  4. FED Faculty Member