July 24, 2023

Cardiologist raises concerns over Prime energy drink with children

John Higgins, MD, talked to KPRC-TV Channel 2 and FOX 26 News about the dangers of PRIME energy drinks.

July 24, 2023

How hot is too hot for the human body? Study offers new insights

John Higgins, MD, was quoted in a Medical News Today article about how much heat our body can handle.

June 30, 2023

Parent to Parent: Keeping parents safe in the extreme heat

John Higgins, MD, was quoted in a FOX 26 News article about how to beat the heat this summer.

June 27, 2023

What’s the Connection Between Asthma and High Blood Pressure?

John Higgins, MD, spoke to Health Central about the connection between asthma and high blood pressure.

May 19, 2023

Mental and Heart Health – Fifty Plus

John Higgins, MD, appeared on Doug Pike’s Fifty+ show on KPRC Radio to talk about how mental health affects your heart health (10:00 mark).

May 19, 2023

Fruits should be part of a healthy diet

John Higgins, MD, spoke to Medical News Today about the benefits of adding fruit to your everyday diet.

May 9, 2023

Should You Avoid the Sugar Substitute Erythritol?

John Higgins, MD, was quoted in a Newsmax article about a new study which found that the sweetener, erythritol, is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

May 9, 2023

The 7 Best ECG at Home Monitors of 2023

John Higgins, MD, was quoted in a Health article about at-home ECG monitors. The story also appeared on Yahoo! Sports.

May 9, 2023

Higgins’ paper discusses how to be great physicians

A recent paper from John P. Higgins, MD, MBA, MPhil, professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, on the “Ten Traits of Great Physicians,” has been published in the American Journal of Medicine. In the article, Higgins shares tips gathered from experiences throughout…

April 21, 2023

Hypertension: Strength training is effective in managing high blood pressure

People with high blood pressure or hypertension are at risk for certain long-term complications. Early intervention can lower blood pressure and reduce someone’s risk for complications. Researchers are still working to understand the best options for lifestyle modifications to improve…