Andrew G. Tritter, MD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, where he directs the department’s Laryngology division, as well as the Texas Voice Performance Institute. He is a native Houstonian who obtained his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University in Spanish Linguistics and his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. Following medical school, Dr. Tritter went on to complete both an internship and residency in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at the Louisiana State University in Shreveport before completing an additional year of fellowship training in Laryngology at Columbia University and Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York City. His experiences in fellowship afforded him extensive training in voice, airway, and swallowing disorders. Dr. Tritter is also a life-long musician and singer, which has greatly contributed to his interest in caring for patients with voice problems.

Dr. Tritter has been recognized with numerous awards during his academic career, including membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society. He has presented routinely at national conferences, and has multiple peer-reviewed publications in his field. Dr. Tritter is fluent in Spanish.


Doctor of Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine, 2014
Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University, 2020
Columbia University and Weill-Cornell Medical College, 2021

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

Care for the professional voice, vocal fold paralysis, spasmodic dysphonia, management of early stage laryngeal cancer, benign vocal fold lesions, respiratory papillomatosis, tracheal stenosis, laryngeal stenosis, swallowing disorders, Zenker’s diverticula, chronic cough, and numerous other conditions affecting the throat.



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Poster presented at COSM 2013 in Orlando, FL and Awarded 1st place in the Laryngology/Bronchoesophagology

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Poster presentation at Triological Society Combined Sections Meeting 2019 in Coronado, CA



Tritter AG, Berens J, Gilcrease B, De Ochoa CJ. “Living Gift” (audio publication). Published in The Intima (online journal of narrative medicine). Recording available at:



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Poster presentation at the 2018 AAO-HNS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA

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Podium presentation at the 2014 AHNS/IFHNOS meeting in New York, NY