Ear Disease Photo Book

Dr. Terry W. Owens was a board certified EARS, NOSE and THROAT specialist. He describes how to examine the ear, many common ear problems, what to look for, laboratory tests, common treatments and possible prevention. The text is clear, simple and with minimal technical medical terminology.

Ear disease affects people of all ages and the book will help make understanding the problems easier. Photographs and diagrams are used to help explain each problem.

About the book

Published by: Terry Owens, M.D. and Peanut Publishing Co.

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The information contained in this book is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. The manual is intended only as a supplementary guide to medical treatment of ear disease. It is not intended to replace sound medical advice from a doctor. Only a doctor can include the variables of an individual’s past medical history, age and sex needed for proper medical care. This book does not contain all information relating to medical symptoms, illnesses or surgeries. Decisions about treating an ill person must be made by the individual and his doctor. All recommendations herein are made without guarantees on the part of the author and consultants. The author and publisher disclaim all liability with the use of the information.