Application and Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed holistically, which means no one will be excluded simply because of a single score, school, country of origin, etc. We will evaluate each applicant based on the features we have observed to predict 1) success in our program and 2) contribution to the mission of our institution. Both of these factors are considered in the context of competitiveness with our overall applicant pool.

  1. Applications for PGY-1 resident positions are accepted only through the Electronic Residency Application System (“ERAS”).
  2. The only accepted training Visa is the J-1. The University of Texas at Houston does not support the H1-B Visa.
  3. International Medical Graduates must be ECFMG certified PRIOR to applying to our program via ERAS.
  4. We require 3 letters of recommendation, none of which have to come from the Chairperson.
  5. The program participates in the couples match. Please let us know if your partner has received an interview at our institution and you haven’t heard from us.
  6. We do not require applicants to have U.S. experience in order to apply.
  7. We require that you have graduated from medical school within the last three years.
  8. A personal interview is required to be considered for a residency position. Interviews take place between October and January of the next year’s class.
  9. Applicants are ranked and the rank list is sent to the National Residency Matching Program (“NRMP”). Pediatric residents at a PGY-1 level are taken through the NRMP match process only.