Pediatric Board Preparation

In an effort to ensure excellent board pass rates for our program, we have revamped the curriculum structure as well as provided plentiful resources to our residents to prepare for the Pediatric Boards:

Academic Half-Day Conference:
Senior faculty and fellows provide didactic lectures tailored towards content specifications in the American Board of Pediatrics. In addition, Chief residents prepare a weekly interactive lecture that consists of board-like questions and images.

Annual Pediatric In-Training Examinations:
The ITE is a 3 hour, 150 multiple-choice question exam offered by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). The exam is held annually in July. All UT Houston Pediatric residents are required to take the ITE. During 6-month reviews, all residents meet with a leadership faculty to assess strengths and weakness in general pediatric knowledge during the exam as well as to assess progress from year to year.  Our program will acknowledge those with weaker scores and provides additional board preparation resources in efforts to ensure a passing score for the real exam.

MedStudy Review Books and CDs:
Residents have access to MedStudy materials including review books, CDs, and flashcards. These materials contain essential pediatric information as well as board preparation tips.

Harriet Lane Modules:
The residency program subscribes to Johns Hopkins Physician Education & Assessment Center, also known as the Harriet Lane modules. A recommended curriculum is offered yearly to residents. These interactive modules review common ambulatory topics such as immunizations, screenings, and illnesses.

American Academy of Pediatrics PREP®
Our program will pay for each resident’s AAP membership while a resident, giving access to at least three years of PREP questions. Residents are required to do a year’s worth of PREP questions every year of residency (270 questions per year). The journal Pediatrics and Peds-in-Review are both delivered on a monthly basis to all of our residents, which is a great source of review for basic pediatrics topics.

Pediatrics in Review®
Every resident receives a subscription, receiving the journal monthly. Another way to stay up to date within Pediatrics.

NEJM Knowledge +
A comprehensive pediatric board review question bank and a combination of 2 practice exams purchased on behalf of the program for all residents. The program uses adaptive learning technology to quickly assess the subjects you know well while identifying the areas where you need reinforcement. Using this information, the program is able to provide more review in your weak areas and fewer questions in areas you’ve already mastered.