A Message from the Director

Anthony R. Flores, MD

Under the direction of Anthony R. Flores, MD, the Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease directs and manages an active in-patient infectious diseases consultation service, an active ambulatory service for children with infectious diseases, including a large clinic for HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children and adolescents at both Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital and Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital. In addition, the Infection Control and Prevention Programs are managed at both locations under the direction of Misti Ellsworth, DO.

Excellence in Patient Care

The Division provides an active infectious disease consultation service at Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital, with consultation and care to more than 700 infants and children each year, and at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. Faculty care for patients with inherited or acquired immunodeficiency, including those receiving immunosuppressive therapy for cancer, organ transplantation, bone marrow, and stem cell transplantation, as well as patients with inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatologic disorders and a wide variety of classic as well as unusual infectious disease problems.

Children give us joy in the present and hope for the future. Here in the McGovern Medical School Department of Pediatrics, we make sure that future is as bright as possible for every infant, child and young adult struggling with illness. As part of McGovern Medical School, our Department’s mission is three-fold: to educate the next generation of physicians, to deliver excellent clinical care to our patients and to constantly improve treatment options through biomedical research.

McGovern Medical School’s outstanding pediatric infectious disease faculty is the heart of our division. Many members have received national and international recognition for their accomplishments, serve in leadership roles in professional societies, edit major pediatric texts or journals and are among the world’s foremost researchers in their fields of expertise.