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Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital
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Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

Pediatric Pulmonary Consultation Hospital Service
The primary hospital training site is Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital (CMHH) for pulmonary consultation patients on the Pediatric floor, Intermediate care unit, PICU, and NICU.

Pediatric Pulmonary Consultation Service coverage
1 Pediatric Pulmonary Fellow to cover each month
Weekends: The Fellow on service covers 2 weekends a month. Pulmonary fellows not on service cover 1 weekend a month.
The Fellow on service coordinates with the residents to cover the service days

Pulmonary Service Duties
The Fellow on service is responsible for managing patient care and leading the resident/student team. Pre-rounding with the resident team is recommended prior to attending rounds. Fellows are encouraged to formulate preliminary recommendations for the consulted patients. During rounds, the Fellow is encouraged to insert their knowledge and teach the resident/student when appropriate. As always, the teaching faculty is always available and provides clinical insight and education regarding patient care, pathophysiology, and discussion of assessment and recommendations during rounds.

Pulmonology clinical training at CMHH

Fellows covering the hospital service that day have an At-Home pager call regarding medical issues for outpatient and inpatient pulmonary patients. The Fellow is encouraged to formulate an assessment and plan for the patient and call the backup attending to discuss their concerns as needed. If there are no fellows on call, the attending physician is the first call.

Consultation and procedures notes are documented in the Memorial Hermann Care4 EMR.

Procedures & Simulation Lab

Fellows perform many procedures during their training in our program. Initially, we train our fellows to perform bronchoscopy in our simulation lab. At the time of completion of our training program, most fellows have performed ~100 endoscopic procedures. In addition, fellows have the unique opportunity to be trained in the principles, utilization, and interpretations of many special diagnostic tools, such asBronch Machine

  • complete pulmonary function tests
  • exercise bronchoprovocation studies
  • cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • impulse oscillometry
  • lung clearance index device
  • nasal nitric oxide testing
  • ciliary biopsy for high-speed video microscope analysis (HSVMA)
  • laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy in clinic and hospital setting

Fellow Clinics

UT Professional building

Fellows attend continuity and subspecialty outpatient clinics at the UT Professional Building

  • Fellow continuity clinic is TUESDAY AFTERNOONS regardless of assigned rotation.
  • Fellows are excused from their continuity clinic on the 2nd Tuesday of every month to attend one of our unique pulmonary subspecialty clinics to expand their exposure to special subsets of respiratory disorders:
    • UTP continuity clinicAerodigestive clinic
    • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia clinic
    • Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) clinic
    • MD Anderson Pulmonary clinic
    • Pediatric Complex Care clinic
    • Pediatric Sleep clinic
    • Rare Lung Disease clinic
    • Pulmonary Hypertension clinic
    • Sickle Cell-Pediatric Pulmonary clinic

UT-Houston utilizes Epic EMR for clinic notes and correspondence letters to the referring physician.