Kawal Bir, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, is currently a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. She received her medical degree in India and completed her residency in psychiatry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She is board-certified as both an adult psychiatrist and child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Skilled in the assessment and comprehensive treatment of children and adolescents, Bir’s training has taught her to identify and understand the many factors that can contribute to a patient’s mental health condition. Some of the factors include physical, genetic, developmental, emotional, cognitive, educational, family, peer and social. She also integrates individual, group or family psychotherapy, medication, and/or consultation with other physicians, professionals from schools, juvenile courts, social agencies or other community organizations in her treatment plans. An advocate for younger patients, she believes that a comprehensive approach provides the most effective clinical care for children and adolescents.


Medical Degree
Dayanand Medical School and Hospital, India
Psychiatry, University of Mississippi Medical Center
University of Mississippi Medical Center

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

  • Adult General Psychiatry
  • Adolescent General Psychiatry