Psychology Internship Program

UTHealth Houston Doctoral Psychology Internship Program

The Louis A. Faillace, MD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences offers an APA accredited 12-month full-time psychology doctoral internship program with 16 positions to graduate students in clinical, school, and counseling psychology with a stipend of $30,000 plus benefits.

Our program provides broad, evidence-based clinical training with children, adolescents, and adults. It follows a scientist-practitioner training model, preparing interns for careers in a variety of clinical and academic settings. The five tracks available are Addiction (match number  229411), Trauma (match number 229413), Child and Adolescent (match number 229415), Adult Inpatient (match number 229411)  and Developmental/Assessment (match number 229414 ). Interns may apply to any of the tracks or more than one.  When matched to a track, the intern will be assigned 2 rotation blocks from that track and one from another track, in accordance with our Generalist training model. Application deadline is November 1, 2023.

Clinical rotations include outpatient, inpatient, and community settings. Interns will become skilled in a wide-range of professional activities, such as individual, family and group therapy, psychological assessment and diagnosis, consultation and teaching, with diverse populations including severe mental illness. They will also be provided with research mentorship and are expected to be involved in research during their training. Applicants should have successfully proposed their dissertations before applying. Ideally applicants should have about 500 intervention hours and 200 assessment hours. The program strongly encourages individually, racially or culturally diverse applicants to apply, including those from programs that historically serve underserved and minority communities. Those strongly interested and accomplished in research are also encouraged to apply.

Read the full program description in our Handbook. See the evaluation forms and appendices here.

Internship Admissions, Support and Initial Placement Data for the past 3 cohorts (2020-2022) may be found here.