November 24, 2020

8 Things that Can Happen When You Don’t Treat ADHD

Deborah Pearson, PhD, was quoted in The Healthy about some of the misconceptions surrounding who can benefit from ADHD treatment.

March 26, 2020

Coronavirus in Florida: Southwest Florida seniors ‘at a loss’ for social activities

Vineeth John, MD, was quoted in Naples Daily News, a part of the USA Today Network, about how to care for senior loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 26, 2020

Managing stress during the COVID-19 pandemic

Leslie Taylor, PhD, addressed the same topic in this UT Physicians story in the UTHealth newsroom.

March 26, 2020

Jennifer Hughes Facebook live stream on managing anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic

Jennifer Hughes, PhD, gave KTRK-TV Channel 13 Facebook viewers advice on how to manage anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 26, 2020

Combination of engineered cold sore virus and inhibitor drugs could destroy brain tumors

A one-two punch treatment strategy comprised of an engineered cold sore virus and inhibitor drugs could destroy brain tumors, according to recently published research by Balveen Kaur, MD; Yoshihiro Otani, MD, PhD; and Ji Young Yoo, PhD. Read more in…

November 25, 2019

What is the difference between ADHD and autism?

Deborah Pearson, PhD, was quoted in three articles for the new Reader’s Digest website The Healthy: the differences between attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism; health issues faced by people with untreated ADHD; and myths about medications for ADHD.

November 25, 2019

Seniors can experience health problems due to loneliness

Vineeth John, MD, MBA, was quoted by TMC Pulse (pages 22-23) about how isolation and loneliness can affect the overall health of a senior. It also ran in the TMC News online edition.

November 25, 2019

Weaver highlights vaping and its side effects

Michael Weaver, MD, sat down with KTRK-TV Channel 13 to discuss the dangers of vaping. The interview ran on Friday’s 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. newscasts.

November 13, 2019

7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Watch Scary Movies

Matthew Price, research engineer, spoke with The Healthy on things that happen to your body when watching a scary movie.

November 13, 2019

CDC report: link shown between childhood trauma and adult illness

Melissa Goldberg, PsyD, sat down with Fox 26 to discuss the relationship of childhood trauma leading to adult illnesses.