An Ode to 2022

March 7, 2023

Written by Taiwo Babatope, MD, MPH, MBA.

An Ode to 2022.

As I sit in quiet solitude to reflect on how the last 365 days have gone

It feels unbelievably surreal to find much has been far long gone

Everything done in haste, an endless cycle under the sun

A restless fate, intricately interwoven under God

Did I fight and win some?

Did I pause and live some?

Did I take and give more?

Did I listen and love more?

All that is assured with clear certainty is that I laughed and cried some

I tried and gave more

I lost and won some,

So that I could have and give some.

I have heard you choose purpose because destiny is already chasing you.

I find that when you choose purpose, it often changes you.

It’s hard to control the timing, when the one rapidly evolving is you.

It’s easy to trust the path when you know the one holding you.

To try, listen, laugh, fight, cry, take, give, win, lose, pause, love-

Perhaps that is all there is to live this life after all.

We begin again in the coming year, won’t we all?